Hey there! Welcome to Olive & Artichoke! I’m so grateful you’re here!

My name is Mary and I’m originally from Southern California where I worked as a Human Resource Manager until I was recruited for a job in Nebraska. I met and married my real life cowboy and we live on the family cattle ranch in the middle of Nebraska.

This crazy transformation inspired my other blogs, Boots & Hooves Homestead and Joyfully Domestic.

So as a very busy mom of four, I don’t have hours available to spend in the kitchen making dinner or running to the store for specialty ingredients. Hello, rural life! 

This means, that I need to be strategic with planning out healthy & hearty meals for my growing ranch family! I bet you can relate!

I grew up in a big Italian Traditional Catholic family. I am actually the oldest of six children! And while growing up, food was the center of all gatherings. My grandparents arrived to the US from Italy and Greece.

So, I learned a little bit from their life on the Mediterranean. And family traditions are where I get a lot of my recipe inspiration.

I love comfort food & the old family recipes that have been handed down over the years. I also wholeheartedly believe that good quality ingredients make for the best recipes! 

You won’t find any fake or overly processed ingredients here. So, you can enjoy sweet treats and comfort foods made with whole food ingredients! 

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